Summer backyard tips as seen on Daytime TV

Outdoor backyard ideas and tips from interior designer Karen Post

Outdoor and backyard ideas and tips

Now that Memorial day has passed, it’s officially summer, and time to love your outdoor spaces. This week I had the pleasure to share 5 easy steps to take your outdoor space from blah to beautiful with my pals at Daytime TV which is a film in Tampa but airs in 100 market. Check out all the outdoor and backyard ideas here with Daytime host Maggie Rodriguez. And special thanks to the South Tampa Lowes for providing us many great elements for this segment.

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5 steps to an impressive outdoor area

Design your space
Whether you are doing this project yourself or working with a designer like me, start by defining what the purpose for the space is? Are you planning on dining, chilling, entertaining or napping.

Think about the aesthetics, traffic flow and functions. Use accessories to update an area. Table runners, place mats and your center piece are all important elements. Love any furniture in this segment? You can get it from Home Frosting. It’s from Fourhands, Restoration Hardware and Abbyson and just some of our favorite outdoor lines.

Privacy addresses

This can be a challenging issue when your neighbors are close by and it feels like they are always invited to your backyard space. Correct this with a fence, a trellis, large plants, boxwoods, screens and or curtain panels. I found these very cool, dressed with foliage trellises at Lowes. The greenery is UV protected and will hold up great under sun and weather.

Set the mood and add style

Lighting illuminates spaces, adds theater and creates an atmosphere. Today there are so many cool options to add light to your outdoor areas. If you have power, start with string lighting. No power, no problem. Lowes carry lots of solar powered lights where you can spotlight trees, brighten up areas or just add some drama.

Solar powered pest eliminator light

Outdoor decor ideas

Bring style to your space by continuing the look you have inside your home or create more of an adventure with a complimentary vibe. This season I’m loving lots of organic, black and white and pops of color. If you have a wall away from direct sun, try adding mirrors too. This will open up the space and reflect the outdoors in.

Keep unwanted guests away

There is nothing worse than pesty bugs to ruin an outdoor experience with family and friends. Try natural candles and incense by Murphy’s. They smell great (mint and lemon) and will take care of bugs. You can do this with lanterns or now they make a solar powered torch that lights up like a flame. It looks great and does the job. If you need an extra layer of party protection, try a natural, pet-friendly spray, so if your pets like to lick you, everyone is safe.

And finally, protect your investment.
Sun and weather will damage your favorite things. Treat all your furniture. Especially if it’s not designed for the outdoors. Seal it with polyurethane. Keep cushions and pillows fresh looking and protected with a regular Scotch-guard spray. If you display things in vases, weigh them down with rocks, in case the wind picks up.

Outdoor decorating tips

Enjoy your summer!

Karen Post Tampa interior designer

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