The Best Areas of Brighton and Hove to Invest in Buy-to-Let

Why Invest in Brighton?

Brighton has all the big city amenities, yet it’s relaxed and even a bit quirky too. It’s close enough to London for those who love London… but far enough away for those who don’t.

That’s both good and bad news for property investors. Good news because the demand for property – and the rent you can earn – is enormous. In some ways, it’s bad news because property here isn’t cheap. But, for savvy investors who are willing to shop around, there can still be good deals to be had.

Although it’s often thought of as a town, Brighton received city status in 2001 – alongside the neighboring town of Hove – meaning it is officially the City of Brighton and Hove. Something that has helped elevate its status as a property investment destination. In 2023 the population of the city area is estimated to be around 290,885 and the population of the urban area is estimated to be 290,885.

Brighton is, of course, well known as a seaside resort. That means it has a huge tourist and visitor trade, which supports the demand for accommodation: Brighton is a top tourist destination with 462,000 visitors in 2021/22, a number which is ever so slightly down in previous years due to the place of pandemic restrictions that were in at that time.

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