The Best Areas of Guildford to Invest in Buy-to-Let

Property Investment in Guildford

Population: 77,000 approximately
Average House Price: £528,275

Guildford offers a range of properties to investors. Predominant Guildford property types are 20th-century houses from turn-of-the-century arts and crafts houses up to estate properties built in the 1950s-90s and present-day new builds. Family houses, small and large, are the main Guildford property types.

Suburbs on the east side of town can become more popular with buyers and renters as they not only have access to the town center but have easier road access to the A3 out towards London compared to the suburbs on the west side. Guildford property prices tend to reflect this.

Here we will look at some of the main Guildford suburbs:

Central Guildford is a mixed commercial and residential area. Properties that are within 15 minutes walk of the town center and main railway station are the most popular for commuter buy-to-lets.

Abbotswood is to the east of Guildford town centre. Abbotswood has mainly larger, detached properties.

Bellfields is in the northern part of town. It comprises private and social housing estates. Bellfields is generally a good value area of ​​Guildford.

Burpham is in northeastern Guildford and is based around the original old village. It has good access not only to the town center but to the A3 road for regional commuters. It is a mid-priced property area and a popular Guildford residential area.

Charlotteville is just to the east of the town center and very convenient for all amenities. The suburb was laid out in the Victorian era and is now within a conservation area. It is a popular residential spot.

Jacobs Well is a one-time village which is now a suburb of Guildford. It is in the north part of town and is close to Slyfield Industrial Estate.

Merrow is about two miles east of the town centre. It mainly comprises housing estates and is a mid-priced property area in terms of overall Guildford property prices.

Onslow Village is to the west of the town centre. It still retains a village atmosphere and is mostly within a conservation area. It is close to the university and main hospital, making it a sought-after residential spot.

Park Barn is on the west side of Guildford. It is close to the university and the main hospital. It is a good-value property area.

Slyfield is a mixed residential and commercial area in the northeast part of town. It has good access to the workplaces on Slyfield Industrial Estate and is a good value area.

Stoughton is to the northwest of the town centre. It comprises mostly detached and semi-detached houses and is popular with families. The former

Stoughton Barracks here is now a residential development known as Cardwells Keep.

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