What is the business of giving money to the Land Cruiser?

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Commission Member A DPRD DKI Jakarta from the Gerindra Fraction Thopaz Nugraha Syamsul criticized the grant budget allocation given by the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government (Pemprov) to Kodam Jaya.

In the 2023 APBD, Kodam Jaya was recorded as being given a grant of IDR 11 billion. The grant budget is intended for the procurement of official vehicles for Kodam Jaya officials, one of which is the Land Cruiser.

“Why give KDO (Operational Service Vehicles) Land Cruiser cars? What business do we have to give them money to buy them Land Cruisers?” Thopaz said during a meeting between Commission A and the DKI Jakarta Satpol PP, Tuesday (17/1).

Thopaz said that in giving grants, priority should be given to those that benefit the people of Jakarta. He gave an example of grants intended to buy equipment such as rubber boats.

“Mutual benefits, so what we provide has a positive direct impact on DKI residents. For example, for the navy, rubber boats. They often go down indeed, so they are entitled to be given priority, but when entering KDO, giving luxury cars I don’t think is a priority, ” he said.

Reflecting on this, he asked that for the discussion of grants in the following years, the Pemprov DKI should involve Commission A of the DPRD.

“So the determination of the RKPD (Local Government Work Plan) grant, I think it is obligatory for us to involve Commission A,” he said.

CNNIndonesia.com have contacted Kapendam Jaya Colonel Cpm Dwi Indra Wirawan to clarify the need for an official Land Cruiser car which was questioned by DPRDDKI members, but the person concerned has not responded until this news was published.

The Provincial Government (Pemprov) of DKI Jakarta has provided a grant of IDR 23.19 billion to the TNI in the 2023 Regional Revenue and Expenditure Budget (APBD).

The budget for the grant is included in the DKI Jakarta Satpol PP budget. In general, the total Satpol PP budget in the 2023 APBD reaches IDR 1.04 trillion.

A total grant budget of IDR 23.19 billion was given to the Jayakarta Regional Military Command and the Pasmar 1 Marine Corps.

For Kodam Jaya, the allocated budget is IDR 11 billion. The grant budget is intended for the procurement of official vehicles for Kodam Jaya officials.

The official vehicles listed in the presentation were one unit of Land Cruiser, one unit of Prado, one unit of Fortuner and six units of Innova.

Meanwhile, for the Pasmar 1 Marine Corps, a grant budget of IDR 12.19 billion has been allocated.

The allocation of the grant is for the procurement of riot gear. Among them are helmets, helmet covers, shields, vests, batons, and full face masks.

Then for the procurement of canisters, gloves, megaphones, tactical vehicles, commander vehicles and deputy commander vehicles.


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